The Come-Back CupCake

Restaurant day 21/5/16 was and went. Made a grand patch of various cakes. From RAWenergyballs to K-18 cakes with alcohol in and on them 😛

On the 28th it’s Cleaning Day / Siivouspäivä. Usually it’s all about Sell-Your-Stuff-On-a-Street-Corner.. but for the kicks me and Geni (usually) bake something lil extra for the day, while we Sell-Our-Stuff-On-a-Street-Corner.

This time, I’ll be baking those Super Healthy Cupcakes (Fuel to Go), I once made these for a restaurant day in the summer of 2015. Basically. It’s Seeds & Dried Berries with a smile. I found the recipe from Pinterest, like all my favourite recipes. The pictures are pretty and the recipes are tasty. Super-Yay. My only problem with recipes is to follow them to the dot. Am a “free bird”, I like to add something extra, change a thing or three. And with cupcakes, it’s usually all pretty free form.

For this Saturday i’ll try to give them a 2.0 elevation kick 😀

Our location.. Will be announced later 😉
Around -> Hämeenpuisto / Keskustori / Koskipuisto (Tampere, Finland)


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