Everything But a Rainbow

My creation. My thank-you for a good friend. It’s a one-of-a-kind project, as in i didn’t take any notes. For inspiration I had the Halfway Wrap (from Veera Välimäki) and the Geysir Stretch (from Stephen West). Hadn’t really done the slipped stitch nor short rows in this manner before. Now i just adore them 😀

Knitting these type of projects are my favourite and most common. I HATE to go line by line thru some wicked chart. Only if it is to learn something new and awesome 😀 do i follow the guides.

On and Off

I cast-on on 17th of February and cast-off on 4th of June (2016). I had other projects alongside (#JYJY2016), so it didn’t actually take months to make. But it did take months to plan and create.. from whim. As this shawl is more of an “what next” type of creation. It represents colors from:

  • Aurora borealis with the dark blue nightsky wrought with stars:
    • TeeTee Lumi (1453 and 1451 one of each),
    • Austermann Kid Silk (2, one),
    • FiloFilu linen-silk (hand dyed, 2 skeins) and
    • Isager Alpaca 1 (47, one skein)
    • Metal beads
  • Heatherfield in the frosty autumn sun:
    • Isager Silk Mohair (67, one skein)
    • FiloFilu linen-silk (hand dyed, 2 skeins)
    • BC Garn Setalin (09, one skein)
    • Pajukannantila 100% gotlanninlampaan wool (hand dyed, one skein)
  • Sunset into the frosty Northern Ocean:
    • Rowan Fine Tweed (383, 2 skeins)
    • Isager Tweed (Turguise 1 skein (2 in total))
  • Rocky shores of The Gulf of Bothnia:
    • Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (03 one skein),
    • Isager Tweed (Turquise 1 skein (2 in total))
    • Rowan Fine Tweed (364, 1 skein)

Weight of the shawl is approx. 360grams.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

This shawl goes to https://www.instagram.com/heiniak/ and the color scheme used was inspired by her nature photos. THANK YOU! For taking care of Sintti, my world. This shawl is most importantly in the memory and respect of my furry little companion who passed away in January 2016.


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