Two things, One Knit

So. I took part in this JyJy16 (Jouluyöstä Juhannusyöhön 2016 = From Christmas night to Midsummers night 2016) knitathon. 20 projects. Every piece had to be either over 50g or more than 250m spent. Well as i know not how to manage my self with a pair (or with just one) sock.. i always go for the big projects. Jumpers, Cardigans, Shawls, Vests. My o my. Out of 20 projects, this time i had 16 sweaters. Insanity! And yes I failed 😀

But! i did manage to finish 11 knits! Woo! and if i had had a damn tape measure.. it would have been 12 :-D. The tape measure was 1 floor too far away 😛 (yes am that lazy)

Any-Hoo! One of those 20 projects was the Posh Blouse from Pickles (pattern). I knit it from Drops Alpaca (color 8120). It took me 121 days and aprox.900m to finish it. But i did get it done. Thou i knit wrong for one week 😀 And i had 19 other projects, so it wasn’t on my knit-sticks at all times.. am not that slow, and i knit continental. So bla-bla-bla. I think, it took me actually 3 weeks to knit this piece, counting that one illiterate-dumbass week.

This knit had 2 things in it I had never done before:

The shoulder construction was the part i did all wrong. I added stitches into the ribbing area. After the 46 rounds. I continued reading into the sleeves. And went O damn! Laughed and unraveled the past 46 rounds aka 1 week. It didn’t take me another week to get back where i had been, as the knitting was easier when the increases were done in the knit (smooth) side. Anyway. This construction method is simply put superb awesomeness.

For those who are looking for a simple knit sweater without raglan shaping? This is the way to go. For sure! Add 8sts every row. Knit a stitch thru the front and the back loop – 8 times in the round. Similar to raglan, in this manner.. thou even more simple.

It hangs off the shoulders perfectly. If one has a little tummy to hide (am very self-aware). This is would be perfect! I have to make the dress pattern too. Just have to! And try it out on a larger size of a needle. 3,5mm/US 4 = so slow. Slow-motion knitting, almost. And for me, I can’t get much done in a day, because my fingers start to ache. But it is, absolutely, worth it! And i do prefer the 2,5-3,75mm needles. Chunky is great, but in a sweater.. i prefer the small stitches, makes for a lighter piece. But as a Northerner, a true lover of the winter (colder the better), Chunky-Knits are the best for the season. Squishy, warm, light, soft.

Next thing about this sweater was the Kitchener’s Stitch. Had never heard of it before. I dived into YouTube and watched about 4 different videos. One of them.. some 20 times. Stopping, going back, scratching my head, going back, biting my nails, going back. I did it stitch by stitch. I unraveled the crooked mess i ended up with, after 2 tries. Gave up. Had a cup of coffee and drew the bloody thing on a piece of paper! 😀 Yes. I drew it. And after that i got the hang of it, and am really proud how it looks now. It’s smooth, clean and looks correct. But! Seriously this video LINK was by far the best one to follow (for me). Sure i only watched 4 videos in total, and my mother language is Finnish. But the way she (L2Belt) explains the process, and after watching the video.. +20 times and drawing it out on paper.. I got it. 😀

The Kitchener Stitch is a cool way to join 2 pieces (back and front, for example) together in a clean way. When the knit is done in smooth (knit, plain) stitches. The seam is tiny and folds into the purl-side. And after a few go’s the process with the needle.. makes sense 🙂

This was a fun knit, a knit one can take to the movies/car/train etc.

ps. Actually, while finishing this post.. i started a new knit using the same methods. Thou.. i’ll be using lace instead of ribbing. Using Hols Garn – Coast (denim) and.. ahem 3,5mm needles. I’ll get it done by next june, just in time for summer 2017 😀


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