Unfinished Business..

The Insanity. Impossible goals. 

It’s time to cast 20 knits into a basket(case) of insane WIPs. WIPs that must be done by Christmas Night (in Finland that’s 24th Dec).

The rules are.. basically: 20 knits, each knit has to be over 50g or 250m. Crochet is cool. Starting from 24th of June (00:00) till 24th of December (23:59). Knitathon. The kicker is: all knits must be WIPs by 30/9. The joke is: i don’t know how to knit socks, nor do i have the patience to learn. I go for the idiots way: loads of sweaters or cardis.. I have flunked-bombed out and failed miserably the last 2 times. No victory yet – but by being positive and keeping the number of large and difficult knits to a minimum i believe – i might finish about half by deadline and frog the rest. Went there. What ever.. But for despair.. my plans is -> by focusing on a knit per week – i might have chance  😀

My list at the moment:

i Hawick Cowl (by London Loop)

ii Beatrice Cardigan with a twist (by Madder Anthology (with slight modification)

iii Sideways Muumuu (by Pickles)

iv Laurel Cowl with a twist (by Madder Anthology (with slight modification)

v Something else (by 😛 me)

vi Grey Hoodie (by 😛 me again)

vii Tailwind (by Clara Falk)

viii Mellow Sweater (by Pickles)

ix Blizzard (by Drops Design)

x Camote PocketScarf (by Fair Mount Fibers.com)

xi Barndom (by Westknit)

xii Breathing Space (by Veera Välimäki)

xiii Drangey pullover (by Westknit)

xiv Metalouse shawl (by Westknit)

xv Tweed turtle (by 😛 me for a change)

xvi Lacy pearl cowl (by 😛 me again)

xvii Andromague (by Marie-Adeline)

xviii Next in line (by 😛 me again)

xix Falling Lake (by 😛 me, but inspired by Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier)

xx Broken Seed Stitch – kämmekkäät (by Maria Kostamovaara)

Ou nou.. bad sign. I have to scroll to make thru the list. Desperation just hit – hard.

..this list is not definite. I still got one month +few days, to pick and choose the WIPs for this project. I got so many long-ass-knits on my list (again!) that i might need to take a step back, pick up a bigger size of a needle and cast on a hipster jumbo scarf a-one-day-knit to tame the list 😀

ps. I try my best to post weekly updates of my mission impossible – the knitters war against WIPs.


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