WIP – Fallen Lake

a WIP-knit of the week was “fallen lake” number 19 from my list (Kyjy16 – Unfinished Business from last week)


Working on Fyberspates Gleem Lace (717 Verdegris). Bought the yarn from this superb yarn shop in Edinburgh Be Inspired Fibers while traveling in the area.

This is going to become a tunic with half-in-half of an actual knitting pattern. Using as inspiration and guidance i have the free pattern Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier (Ravelry link – click me). And for the other parts – am swinging and swirling my nutcracker mind.

With this knit I have a timetable. Gotta be done by the end of September (this year) 😀

It’ll be for my mom – as she picked the color and told me to knit something nice for her. So this is my zillionth tunic for her. She asked for a nice – something like a tunic – or just a tunic.. so am knitting her a lacy tunic 😛

progress – week 34

Right. This is a top-down tunic. The top is knitted like (as said above) Buttercup from Heidi Kirrmaier, but the bottom is from some other lace pattern (with a slight twist) i spotted from Pinterest.

But .. I hit a few curves and dead ends during the start of the week

21/08 – First mistake

It all went very wrong. Too many stitches. Had to go back to cast on. That was a waste of a TV-series (11.22.63 – entire show knitted with too many stitches). I went for a XXL but the took a look and it would have been too baggy for my mom. Not good enough! XL

23/08 – Wrong turn ahead..

IDIOT! 😀 I decided to have one section less of the lace section in the bust. Then I after making the increases on the front panel. It just looked oddly bulged, went back to the “make 1 lace section more” and – that all took me abt half a day.


Finally in the body increases. With a slight modification. Just so i’ll have enough stitches for the lace border and it’ll look natural – I’ll have to make different increases from the Buttercup -pattern and move closer to the nutcrack nook.

Sleeves are resting beautifully and i still got more than half of the yarn left (61g = approx. 488m) Not sure i have enough for a 3/4 sleeves with this ball.


4th increase made. I think am flying by – fast, but it all just seems neverending! 😄


From underarm 30cm – in total 48cm.

Also.. I decided to leave the city behind for a little while and go to the #OfficeByTheLakePäijänne (kick-ass instagram feed -klick-klick-klick-). My family lake house. The autumn is arriving and with it the colors i adore. Not sure for how long I’ll stay. A week or two. Maybe a month.. When I get enough of the fresh air and water, horrible birds singing (non-stop! 😀  – – – – –  I took one large IKEA bag of WIP knits with me.. 11 or 13 WIPs in total 😀



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