WIP – it’s always sunny by…

I was swallowed by work and just surfaced. My “post in a week” just feels impossible at times. Well 3 weeks later… am just about here: 

I’ve been working on 8 knits: Fallen Lake, Drangey, Pocket Scarf, Barndom, a alpaca hat, Breathing Space, Blizzard and Tweed Turtle. I’ve finished one (Barndom) and started one (a alpaca hat). My KyJy16 has been modified – for sanity reasons 😀 (Mellow Sweater got frogged)

During this period I’ve mainly been at the cabin. I did some yarn shopping and bought a few awesome knitting pattern books (Neuleiden neljä vuodenaikaa by Helga Isager and Kerroksia by Piity Nykopp). The weather has varied, but mostly sunny September skies. I’ve been waiting for the colors to pop – not much to report yet.. thou a year ago it was all different. Global warming is making my autumn colors go bizarre 😦


With this knit I’m using 100% alpaca yarn Machu from Hjertegarn colorway 930 and Tussah Silk from Onion (34% tussah silk 66% merino) colorway 210.

I finished all the shoulder increases, separated the sleeves from the body. Working on the body – and am thinking wether or not i have enough yarn (alpaca – Machu) at hand to finish this.. darn :-S We’ll see! (i did buy more than the pattern instructions recommended – but i did not do a swatch .. i never do 😛 so.. here i am! -idiot-)


With this I used alpaca yarn from Drops (mixed colors). I knitted the shawl in the three-colorway style. I started the knit 04/08 and finished it 11/09. And it’s beautiful! The colors are tame, but the texture is wild. Just the way i prefer. Something crazy – but not over the top 😛

Tweed Turtle

I’ve finished the shoulders – raglan. Front and back in pattern, sleeves knitted.

25/09 Working on the body now. Just decided to go with a pattern change.. Let’s see after a few rows if it was a good idea 😀

28/09 it was! It looks good. I’ve finished the body – tried it on. & I have run out of yarn – have to get back to city (to my stash) to finish it.

Pocket Scarf

This yarn is awesomeness! The color is bright HAPPY yellow. Am knitting it for my partner in Happiness (Happy Kanto -> Geni *Shhh!! She don’t know what it looks like*). This yarn is 70% merino 30% bamboo (Villapuro Villabambu). It’s spunky and springy. I have the autumn yellow in my hands – while not so much in the nature outside. 😛 This yarn is from Riikka-Piikka, at the Finnish Craft and Design 2015 fair.

Fallen Lake

Running low on yarn! Yikes! Went shopping for more :-S but the shop had none in stock. Just run out. And i can’t find it from any Finnish yarn online shops. My luck! 😦 Oh well – I’ll keep looking.

Alpaca hat

Right. I needed to take some knits off my KyJy16 list. It was crazy! Way too many sweaters! Also the strat-up deadline for the given 20 is by the end of the September. Damn me.. So i frogged the “Mellow Sweater” and changed that into a somewhat simple alpaca hat, from scrap yarn. I can do simple – sure *nervous laughter*.. how about some lace at the.. *dammit*

Breathing Space

I’ve finished the stripes in the body and am in the hem now. Running low on the CC (Ginger Twist Studio’s hand dyed BFL Rock Sock yarn Little Cat Feet) and have to get more.  Am falling hard for the 100% BFL. My first try with it was in this project.

Blizzard – this is going to get renamed

Working this shawl with my own twist. Am going garter – every row is knit. No purling. As inspiration I have shetland lace. But the pattern itself follows the Drops Design pattern (Blizzard) – am only not purling any— nada— nill rows. This is another yellow yarn knit on WIPs and i enjoy it very much. It’s not as kind as the springy spunky Villapuro (Pocket scarf).. but it’s a beautiful light merino yarn. I’m using Schoppel Wolle Lace Ball 100 (colorway 2264 light in sight)


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