a birch, a deadwood and the baltic sea

I have a quest arriving from California in March. March is a cold month in Finland. Not a superbly, losing some toes, teeth clattering -cold. But with some/probably no sense in smart winter clothing, or at least a fear of it! I decided to at least knit a comfortable and warm shawl to keep my friend from the sunny seaside warm and her toes attached – thou of course a shawl has nothing to do with toes remaining where they were or should be.

With this shawl i used a pattern by Veera Välimäki – Color affection (link to the ravelry page) and in fingering weight yarn. Colors, i felt, needed to represent Finland in some manner – but i also wanted to have some texture to make the structure even more artsy. Thus i used 3 different types of yarn: silk+wool, merino and finnsheep. All yarns are from Finland in a manner or other. The Finnsheep is obvious but the silk+wool and merino were hand dyed by Knitlob’s Lair, which produces hand dyed yarns in Finland – a very small operation.. but so so so so lovely! (their online shop right here).

about the colors

Birch. The three that has a black&white trunk. From spring to autumn it’s covered in color changing leaves. Did you know that from that tree you can get sugar? Birch sugar from the sap.

Deadwood. An old three thats has shred it’s bark. Finland is full of trees. Trees are everywhere. When i was in school (back in the stone age) i was told that 73% of Finland is covered in trees! And we have millions of lakes. So.. that leaves very little room for people. Deadwoods are a beautiful sight among the forest and people make artsy stuff out of them – respecting the cycle.

Baltic Sea. We share this piece of water with a few other countries. There’s a lot of trash from all the beach lions, ships and other stuff that i just can’t think of now. Also this post is not abt the Baltic Sea. It’s about what it means for Finns – in a very superficial take. For all thru my lifespan the health of the tiny Sea has been a matter of news, studies and demonstration for various environmental organizations every year. It’s sick little sea and cleaning it up is an immense operation and a fight that will be loosed again and again unless people change – drastically – the way they think the right way is, when wrong.

All these three things are important to me. Nature and the gift it gives. Blue skies. Winter cold breath. Blue shadows. Birth of Spring. Marvelous Summer nights. Enchanting  Autumn colors. The Birch, The Deadwood and the Blue of the Baltic Sea.


Knitlob’s Lair Kipinätär cItämeri (Baltic Sea) < 1 skein
Knitlob’s Lair Luonnotar cKelo (deadwood) < 1 skein
Vänö Ull Lammull cBlack&White ≤ 1 and a half skeins


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