how hard can it be?



I have knitted simple brioche in round a few times before. But never before a flat or a figure. So as i had fallen hard for the patterns in Laine magazine i knew i had to give a go for the Nordic Arrows by Susanne Sommer (as well).

o my what a struggle i had to get thru the first few lines

I could not understand the start (the tip) of the pattern at all, by studying the pictures of the pattern and viewing other projects from the pattern – nothing made sense. So i wrote down the pattern row by row to try and understand it better – nope, nothing – just wrong! I even tried to draw pictures of the first few rows to try and understand it better – i don’t think i even understood what i came up with πŸ˜€ Then i tried to make an index to try and understand it better! Ha! So wrong. #DESPERATE!

I knitted the first few rows approx. 6 times before i saw in another project mentioned that using a stitch marker to display the right side of the shawl – that turned on the light bulb. As the pattern for a newbie-brioche fan, it was not easy to understand – not at all. The way the rows were told R1 RS LC and right after R1 RS DC.. err? the key = you turn the work back and knit the same damn row AGAIN in another color! if only it had been explained in the description area i would have saved such a huge headache.#ROFL πŸ˜€

I didn’t give up and now am on my 5th triangle! The pattern is finally so clear! So easy to read. It was that garter tip pattern that just threw me into a spiral of WTF πŸ˜€


I’m knitting with Anzula Squishy in Mariana and VΓ€nΓΆ Ull Lammull in Black&White. I have not yet decided on the border color. Go bold? or Go light? or Go vivid? My opinion changes daily πŸ˜€ today it’s light, with maybe some tweed-effect Β in a light color hue.. light blue? light grey? hmm.. yesterday it was bright yellow or bright orange or maybe neon green? πŸ˜€ I’ll make my my when i get there πŸ™‚ ( i hope)


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