the thin blue lines

Latest off the needles are Textured and Piece of Silver. A few have accompanied my list of UFOs since my last update. Ahem. It’s a real problem! 😀

my Textured

Am not too happy with my Textured. The shoulder construction is just too tight – maybe i should have done one size bigger? Not sure – but this one became an indoor sweater. Damn. It fits –  the neck opening is too wide for my liking. Damn. And i don’t know how to fix that in a sweater like this.

Yarn: Drops Puna c02 for MC and Istex LĂ©ttlopi c1403 for CC

My project: Ravelry link to my project

Pattern: Textured by Joji Locatelli (Favourite Things basic+grey) Ravelry link to the pattern

my Piece of Silver

My yarn choice was perfect! Yay! it looks like a blue furry ball! It’s super warm but light and airy. The sleeves are a bit too long and i’m thinking of ripping back on ribbing and binding off some stitches to get a bit tighter. Thou – it’s not super horrible.. i only imagined it a bit tighter around the sleeves.

This was a super fun knit! and I love it!

Yarn: Hjertegarn Alpaca 400 c434 and Permin Angel c43 together as MC.

My project: Ravelry link to my project

Pattern: Piece of Silver by Veera VÀlimÀki (Laine Magazine vol. 1) Ravelry link to the pattern


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