Among the blueberries

There’s a saying in Finland that after Midsummer, summer is over. From a scientific perspective, after the summer solstice, the days do get shorter. We here in the north start the movement from endless day to endless night. I’ve learned, however, that the best part of summer is just when it’s about to end because … Continue reading Among the blueberries

The Come-Back CupCake

Restaurant day 21/5/16 was and went. Made a grand patch of various cakes. From RAWenergyballs to K-18 cakes with alcohol in and on them 😛 On the 28th it’s Cleaning Day / Siivouspäivä. Usually it’s all about Sell-Your-Stuff-On-a-Street-Corner.. but for the kicks me and Geni (usually) bake something lil extra for the day, while we … Continue reading The Come-Back CupCake