a Naked Hound (kyjy16 final report)

This is going to be my final report on the Kyjy16. As for now – it’ll be my last huge knitting project.. the Kyjy’s or the Jyjy’s that is. It’s just too much for a knitter who doesn’t know how to knit socks and when sees a ball of yarn -> thinks how many i need to make a sweater or a cardi. Just now, with this project i have started to learn to try out the small projects. Small shawls. Tiny shawls that take over 15mins to finish a row. One row. Hashtag Idiot  😀

This post does not contain any dog worshipping.. cats rule. Cats are the best and cutest creatures covered in hair. 😛

Doggie Sweater – the naked hound

There is this little dog – she traveled from a warm place in Spain to a cold hell in Finland. 

Right. I have Never knitted anything for any other living thing than a human. Mostly adults, but a few pieces for kids/baby’s too. Never ever a dog. Why? Because their legs come from a strange ankle. But a friend has been crying after one for years. It can’t be that hard! She said. And the first doggy sweater i do finish – is too big for the recipient. Too good she has two hounds – a big one and a small one. The small one really needs clothing, she has short hair. Thats all i know (and care) about dogs. #CatsAreAwesome

The pattern i used for this knit was very easy – but the measurements were off. Way off.

Metalouse shawl

This one was a great fun. With Stephen West shawls i have learned to use slipped stitches and really love them – especially with 2+ colors. With the Metalouse i also learned the corrugated ridge stitch which actually was not my favourite – but it does look awesome and is very easy to follow in the “where the hell am i” -range.

I first started this knit with Auracania Botany Lace – but it has such a wicked color variety that i did not think well of for this pattern. The color change was too short for the striping. Hence i went for two solid colors from Svarta Fåret – Ullgarn 2 trådar (ravelry link) 

This was an easy-peasy knit. Pattern can be found from Knitty – click me

Drangey pullover

5/11 By the end of October I have finished the body and one sleeve. And now i have run out on the main color. Half a roll! Dang it. Only a few rows left and finishing the seams. I can get this done by Christmas – I believe strongly.

deadline I did get this done by Christmas which was the deadline for this Kyjy16. I finished 15/12. And.. the sleeves could have been 5cm shorter and the yarn i run out on – would have actually all been enough if only i had had exact measurements 😀 o boy! Never again am I knitting knits for anybody without measuring them my self. But – the wearer was happy with it and did not want me to shorten the sleeves -> so i didn’t.

Fallen Lake

11/10 I run out on yarn with this one – i knew i would, but then it finally happened while i was on the final rows of the hem. 3/4 sleeves still to be done and finishing the lace on the hem. And i couldn’t find the yarn from any local stores in Finland. Big bummer. Google save me.

2/12 finished! Found the yarn from Purlscene – good find! The neck was too large – the sleeves and the body were excellent – but the collar was too – way too large. So i had to make some crochet-hook tightening. And it’s perfection now 🙂

Grey hoodie

oh no. 18/12 run out on yarn. O no.

19/12 found yarn – took ages to find the colorshade. This yarn is off quality from a “discovery corner” at a local yarn store. I was elbow deep in a pile of yarn trying to find the exact grey! 😀

23/12 finished! 😀

Beatrice Cardigan – with a twist

This knit is one those on the list that took a load of time. I was using 4,5mm size needles – but they feel like 3mm. In the body i decided to add a little pattern into the back and not make the twisty knitted pieces – as shown on the pattern.

This cardigan was for me and has been in lot of use. It’s soft was a kitten so warm!

Andromague – with a twist

I went for a size 3,5mm needle on this. Smaller than used on the pattern – because i had the yarn for 3,5mm, and i was in need of a simple but cool pattern. Also – learning something new is always there – looming. And i did learn new stuff with this. Slipped stitches with 2 colors and a lacy border. The lacy border was my twist for the pattern. In my opinion – my yarn choices graved for some lace 🙂

Hawick Cowl

With this knit i decided to go a little longer with the pattern. I like cowls that roll in layers under the neck. Maybe because i have ill memories of having a scarf or a cowl of the short sort – and usually getting the flue or the fever. I live in Southern Finland and the winter is cold and misty -> one needs a puffy knit against the sneaky flue 😀

This pattern was very easy to follow. And good fun – when using 3 colors and not being used to color changes. I’m more of a “max 2 colors -> preferably no color changes within a row”. I haven’t knitted a nordic style sweater in years! Am not real excellent with them! 😀 Happily this was Nothing Like Them 🙂

This pattern was a super easy to follow and excellent for a starting knitter with the taste for something slightly (but surprisingly little) demanding project 😀


This knit started all good. Then i forgot what i was doing – was too lazy to look the pattern again.. and went with my own twist. And it didn’t turn out too horrible! The pattern itself was very easy to follow – but i have the knack to go my own way.. if there’s any room for it.. and this pattern is pretty open for it 😀

Maybe someday i’ll try out the pattern again and finish it by the line – or i’ll recommend to a starting knitter – as it is so easy to follow! An excellent start for anyone thinking about taking up knitting.

Sideways Muumuu

With this project – i had made the smart decision of making no notes. None. Nada. So when am halfway into the body section on a sideways constructed sweater .. it’s a genius decision not to know how the first sleeve+body was completed. Smart. So damn stupid! I had to back into the row 2. As part of the KyJy rules. After the final startup date – knits that are dismantled to the last stitch – is one project undone – is failure. So.. To the row 2 i returned. 28 stitches on 6,5mm. I finished the knit 23/11 and had specific plans for each row. As working with 6,5mm this wasn’t a huge leap – but it was time wasted on stupidity.

This was a fun knit. Sideways constructed shirts with garter stitch are all simple – well mainly at least. If in use are 1 or 2 colors and no heavy patterns (lace/cable) it’s pretty easy to get done. The most important rule is: make notes – count the rows! Once you have hit the half way -> it’s just going backwards the notes to the end. So easy! And kicking in some variations with lace and or cable wont make it too much harder. Just by keeping it in the lines of once own limits – at least for the first try 😀

I strongly recommend this knit for a starting knitter or anyone wanting something easy for a change. I had full on “brain dead” mode on 😀 but kept book with the rows – on my second go! 😀

Camote PocketScarf

The season for bright colors. Maybe the lack of using it has kept me from updating more frequently. I love grey colors in knits. All shades – in pretty much any fiber. Gray! But.. When the view outside is dark and gloomy from bare trees, slush or just rain, cloudy skies and stupid winter sun. Stupid boring colorless nature.

In the beginning of winter months we had snow for a while, here in Tampere.. but it was gone in like a day and has been so for ages. Snowy days don’t last too long in the south anymore. One Christmas we had +10c.. and no snow – obviously.

This year i have awaken to the bright colors in knitting. Thou hardly any red shades. Pink/light violet are just alien on my color scheme. But bright yellow, neon green, azure or color splashes are gliding in. And it might all be because of this scarf. Geni (my partner in crime) thanks!

With this knit i gave it a little twist in length and the pattern used for the pockets. I went with moss-stitch and finished this one 13/11.

Blizzard (RENAMED due to a huge twist » a sunny blizzard)

With this knit i wanted to give a go with garter lace. Am not a fan of shawls done in plain stitched – i hate with fury the purl side. I get like a toddler sobering up from a sugar high. I easily give up. So.. whit such an easy lace pattern why not go with garter stitch instead? I was happy with the result 😀 and it was a good fun to knit!

Alpaca hat

Damn it! Something simple for the list! I had in mind a pair of fingerless mittens – but a hat won. Easier and quicker to do. I used broken seed stitch and home hand-dyed alpaca yarn 🙂 a good-fun-knit!

Next in line

This one i started from an idea – a one part zikzak? I used to love knitting zikzak in garter or for a hem in a top. Then I had done it so many times that i just got a little bored – but it’s still there! Now i wanted to try it with in a scarf. I have seen patterns alike in Ravelry.

I used finnish alpaka, BC garns tussah tweed, Kenya (hand spun wool) and ONION tussah silk. Most were leftovers. I knit this with 5mm.

My FINAL KyJy16 list: ALL DONE 😀

i Hawick Cowl (by London Loop-finished-

ii Beatrice Cardigan with a twist (by Madder Anthology (with slight modification) -finished-

iii Sideways Muumuu (by Pickles-finished-

iv Laurel Cowl with a twist (by Madder Anthology(with slight modification) -finished-

v Bird Island Dog Sweater – koiran neule (by Blue Moon  Fibers) -finished-

vi Grey Hoodie (by😛 me again) -finished-

vii Tailwind (by Clara Falk-finished-

viii Alpaca hat (by me.. again) -finished-

ix Blizzard with a twist (by Drops Design) -finished-

x Camote PocketScarf (by Fair Mount Fibers.com-finished-

xi Barndom (by Westknit) -finished-

xii Breathing Space (by Veera Välimäki-finished-

xiii Drangey pullover (by Westknit-finished-

xiv Metalouse shawl (by Westknit-finished-

xv Tweed turtle (by😛 me for a change) -finished-

xvi Lacy pearl cowl (by😛 me again) -finished-

xvii Andromague with twist (by Marie-Adeline) -finished-

xviii Next in line (by😛 me again) -finished-

xix Fallen Lake (by😛 me, but inspired by Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier-finished-

xx Varjo cowl (Kerroksia by Piitu Nykopp) -finished-


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