BIND OFF #1 and the sleeping beauties

Maybe.. make this a series. When very little very slowly gets to the finish line. I do think am a fast knitter but some projects just take a blasted forever. I knit continental but still rarely can finish a  sweater in a week.. 😀

What have i learned lately? I-cord bind off, some strange garter stitches on a brioche project, russian join, mastering some magic loop, provisional cast on (what a b! in gotlamb+kidsilk) and cable cast-on (that is so handy!).

What have i finished by now?

Nordic arrows (by Susanne Sommer published in Laine Magazine). Knitted in (MC1) Anzula Squishy in Mariana and (MC2) Vänö Ull Lammull in Black and White and CC in 50% Alpaca & 50% Soyprotein from Eijan Kudontaputiikki (hand dyed). I did run out with the MC’s (both) at the very last rows. I replaced both with some leftover yarns:  Knitlob’s Lair Kipinätär cItämeri and Ginger Twist Studio BFL Rock Sock cLittle Cat Feet. It’s not too obvious. I run out on the last 6 rows. And also, i don’t care. It’s a stunning shawl and i luuuve it 🙂

and Cream (by Jonna Hietala published in Laine Magazine). Knitted in Gotlamb’s wool (hand dyed grey-dark blue) and Isager Silk Mohair in c44. My blueberry Cream that i knitted for a friend in need of a hat. This was a fun and fast knit. BUT! that provisional cast on with my yarn choices! Whoa 😀 took me over an hour to pick up the stitches and knit them up when joining. Over an hour. Maybe even.. over two hours. But it was perfect size, the color was loved and the yarn was squished over and over again 😀

The sleeper-camp

Knits that just.. are so very, so so very close to be finished – or so far from it 😀

Am trying to not buy more and more yarn, and actually knit up the lovelies i have stashed. But i do keep sliding into the problem of running out of yarn in – all my new projects. Next I’ll just need to schedule a finish line 😀 #fail!

80% of a Piece of silver

A beautiful, comfy and easy (well-written) sweater pattern by Veera Välimäki (Laine magazine) run out on yarn (with the blue mohair), got more but haven’t gotten back to it as i wanted to finish the new knits i had .. Started (nordic arrows and cream – that i have by now finished – YEAH! #VikingRoar ∼ This is a sickness!!) Am knitting in Hjertegarn Alpaca 400 (light grey) with Permin angel (very bright blue).

70% of a Nuuk

A fun short-sleeve sweater (in DK) pattern by Jonna Hietala (Laine magazine). Again! run out on yarn. Wonder wonder. Knitting in Hedgehog Fibers Merino DK in (MC) Salty Tales – for me, with my luck.. there will be MC yarn from 3 different dye lots.. therefore I added some organic merino+cotton from Rowan to tame down the color changes – with some WHITE 😀 it … i actually like it with the stripes! 😀

65% of a Textured pullover

A midnight purchase this knitting pattern booklet by Joji Locatelli. Knitting my Textured pullover in DROPS Puna c02 as MC and Lettlopi c1403 as C1. With this knit – i did not or will not run out on yarn.. i just lost interest after the first sleeve. Magic loop is handy – but slow. Thou to finish this shouldn’t take more than a day, hence i’ll get back to it asap-ish. 🙂

55% of a Louhos

A sleeve to sleeve sweater from “Kerroksia” by Piitu Nykopp. With this knit i decided to add my own twist – again. With the increases, i added some lifted stitches in the center. Am knitting this with DROPS Flora cMIX11 and Rowan Felted tweed c177. Run out on the Rowan yarn – darn it. One more ball and am done 😀

40% of a Juniper

Sweater design by Veera Välimäki – run out on yarn and can’t find the correct shade from ANY shop in Finland. But it sure is a compelling knit! The shoulder shaping is just an awe – i’ve had so many “aha” moments.. i lost count! I decided to knit it wrong-way-around = purling is so not a friend of mine.

Am knitting in Fyberspates Vivacious 4 ply in Sunshine ❤ such a beautiful shade! All i need is a few skeins more – the hunt starts.

35% of a Granito

Knitting my Granito in wool+tussah silk yarn in a very light grey color. When finished – I will dip-dye the sleeves. Am on my first pocket at the moment – i hate purling. it’s so boring! but – this sweater is such a smart pattern and well written 🙂 The yarn is a bit boring to knit, maybe it’s just the color.

35 % of a Lightweight pullover

A simple yet elegant sweater design by Hannah Fettig. Again run out on yarn. Also lost interest for a bit, but i’ll get to it. Lost interest might sound harsh ∼ but having no idea where to get the missing skein of my second MC is a HUGE downer! 😦 Knitting in Isager Alpaca 1 and 2 in – eventually in 4 different colors. MC is a mix of Alpaca 1 (petrol) and Alpaca  2 (light brown). CC will be Alpaca 1 (ice blue) and Alpaca 2 (light grey-brownish). CC I’ll use in the sleeves to give the knit a bit of a twist… as i usually venture there with my knits 😛

Bind off -plan vol. 1:

  1. Piece of silver
  2. Textured pullover
  3. Granito
  4. Louhos
  5. Nuuk
  6. Lightweight pullover
  7. Juniper

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