About.. us? Right. Well we are: Geni & Marianne.

Not Geni
Not Geni

Geni: ((Woman! intro yourself here. danke:-)) 

Fine… fine… geeshh… take half a year to write the about us text and some people (you-know-who-you-are-I’m-looking-at-you-Marianne) get all riled up. Well, all’s well that ends well or maybe not. You’re a crazy cat lady? I’m a 150% dog person. Darn, how did we end up together? Oh, I remember now, let’s not go there.  I love cooking, have a love-hate relationship with writing and am under the delusion that I would make a great farmer. Oh, mother of two+ kids and wife to one swell guy 😉

Marianne 😉

Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Knit-a-holic / Crazy Cat Lady..
Originally from Pori/Pornainen/Helsinki, now in Tampere.
I was one of those millions who were in instagram before facebook bought it and selfies were considered lame. I even boycotted IG when then sale was made. Thou. At the time i was also boycotting FB (had been for over 2yrs). Interesting, right? Am done with that rant. 😛 my IG is mariannekarkki

Yes.. Geni.. Lets never talk abt how we met. We need a new story! How abt on a nude beach in the western coast of Finland in February? A Martian probing ship? Dominatrix cave?

For shits&giggles i do graphic design for volunteer work (Kissojen katastrofiyhdistys kky ry -> their newsletter layout) and for a few friends who pay in.. (luonnossa) better just filter that into: food. No really. Food – really (or yarn).